NCBC - Summary Of Application Domains

This lab will have a tendency to accommodate a number of application domains but for this specific project the following four domains will be focused. 


Astrophysics:  The overall mission of this domain application is to bring cutting-edge astrophysics research to the Pakistan, mentor and involve students interested in physics, astronomy, astrophysics, and related fields, and make exploring the Universe understandable and exciting to common citizen. The goal of the lab will be to develop data mining and machine learning algorithms to detect and identify variable stellar sources and their dynamic modelling in the time series image data that have been collected and archived at local observatory, “SUPERCO” , US based “Tarleton Observatory”  and many other virtual observatories.  

Tsunami ModelingThe domain will focus on developing tsunami preparedness and playing its part to save lives and socio-economic well-being of the country. The project proposes to strengthen the national capacity to quantify and mitigate this threat. Pakistan's preparedness for tsunamis is impaired by many factors like limitations of existing maps of tsunami-inundation areas, lack of estimates of vulnerable populations and facilities, Lack of evacuation maps for contingency planning, crisis management, and public use Etc.

GenomicsThis domain will be focused on development of prediction methods for biological problems based on machine learning and statistical methods that will help to understand biology behind genetic abnormalities. It also aims to train human resource for processing NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data that to make NGS common in Pakistan to strength the national Genetic testing companies

Traffic Modeling: This research domain aims to develop excellence in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Simulation and Modelling. This research center will be pioneer in Pakistan in developing suitable traffic flow models, real-time measurement system, smart (adaptive) traffic controls and ITS for mass transit system in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. The center aims to assist the authorities in developing transport policies and solutions to improve performance of transportation system in Karachi.