Traffic Pattern Analysis

Transportation infrastructure in Pakistan has improved enormously during past decade with development of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) systems, Mass/ Rail Rapid Transit (MRT) and construction of new highways/ motorways as part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. However, in comparison with developed countries, Pakistan lags far behind in use of technology in operations of transportation systems and traffic management which can improve the performance of transportation systems.

Traffic modeling lab in Exscale Open Data Analytics Lab is aimed at development of indigenous solution for traffic modelling, simulation, real-time measurements and control of local heterogeneous traffic. Traffic modeling lab is focused on research and development in the following areas:

  1. Modelling of Transport Systems
  2. Traffic Simulation
  3. Adaptive Traffic Control
  4. Real-time Measurements of Traffic
  5. Planning and Design of Transportation Systems
  6. Sustainable Urban Transport Systems


Introduction of Co-PI

Dr. Afzal Ahmed is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering. He completed his PhD from Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He did his Masters in Civil Engineering from The University of Mississippi, USA on assistantship from a HEC-USAID project.

Current Projects with detail

The following projects are currently being carried out under supervision of Dr. Afzal Ahmed:

Undergraduate Projects

  1. Critical Evaluation of Green Line BRT Corridor
  2. Mode Choice Modelling for Green Line BRT
  3. Estimation of Passenger Car Equivalent (PCE) Factors for local traffic conditions

Masters’ ISP

Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic flow at Signalized Intersections using VISSIM

Microscopic Traffic Flow Modeling of Local Traffic Condition