Training & Courses

Training and  consultancy services are available at the centre with a vision to promote the human capital and IT infrastructure with effective training, development and management process. Highly customized and flexible training and consulting sessions can be arranged for individuals and groups either on-site or on-line. Our training service aims to equip individuals and organizations with fundamental concepts and the latest tools in the relevant areas. Some prominent areas include High Performance / Parallel / Cloud / Big-data / Cluster / Enterprise Computing along with their designs, development and management methodologies. We ensure that attendees receive high-quality training using proven techniques and become capable to immediately implement the learned practices and put them into action. Besides, our domain experts are available to guide you in designing and / or upgrading your IT infrastructures. Our consulting services are available for:

  • Designing, deploying and optimization of Cloud / Cluster / HPC / Enterprise Computing Systems to the specific requirements of the customer
  • Examination, diagnosis and optimization of existing complex software and hardware environment either standalone or integrated in Cloud / Cluster / HPC / Enterprise Computing environment.

We can  also analyze, design and implement surveys to assess the training needs of IT related human resource.